Public Release 1

Welcome to the AH-64A/D online manual for ArmA2! This manual covers all the procedures, operations, and usage of the AH-64A/D addon. This manual is divided into the following sections:

  • Aircraft Overview - Covers background and operational history of the featured aircraft

  • Cockpits and Systems - Covers cockpit instrumentation, usage, and internal systems

  • Aircraft Operation - Covers controls, functions, weapons, and limitations

  • Flight School - Covers aircraft handling characteristics

  • Combat - Covers combat strategies and tactics

  • Campaign - Covers the campaign missions and strategies for each mission

  • Editor - Covers usage in the editor, variables, script switches, and class names

  • Miscellaneous - Glossary, FAQ, etc.


Nodunit (models, textures)

Franze (scripting)


Bardosy - Kestrel flight

Fangs McCoy - Bitchin' Betty

Franze - Dusk Knight 3-2, Grey Wolf, ground forces

froggyluv - Instructor

nettrucker - Co-Pilot Gunner

Additional Credits:

General Barron (getpitch, getbank, setpitch, setbank functions)

Noubernou (clickable cockpits concept, per frame eventhandler)

Robert Hammer (Door open/close sounds)

Hellcat (testing, campaign guide)

islefan (testing, advisor)

Jason (testing, advisor)

b00ce (testing)

Music Credits:

Jeehun Hwang (Heavy Gear, Mechwarrior 2 soundtracks)

Barry Leitch (TFX, Drakan soundtracks)

Origin Skunkworks (Longbow 2 soundtracks)

Bioware (Shattered Steel soundtracks)

Special Thanks:

Max Power - Testing, model and texture advice

BG ECP - pilot advisor

Project Background

The original AH-64A/D pack made for Operation Flashpoint was popular and broke a number of rules for addons when it was released. We did not want to port it to ArmA1 or ArmA2 because the quality was not up to any kind of standard and we felt we could take advantage of a bunch of new offerings from the ArmA2 engine. This release is the result of more than 3 years of work in modeling, texturing, and scripting. We have pushed the limits of the game to bring you the ultimate AH-64 experience in ArmA2. We hope you enjoy it!